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The Town Outside Bellarocca

          The resort  offered us a half-day complimentary tour of the town of Boac in mainland Marinduque, so we took the offer and spent a good part of the [..]

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Bellarocca: Fun Under the Sun

          When friends ask us if it is fun going to Bellarocca despite (inspite?) of the prohibitive price package, my answer is simple.  What are you looking for in [..]

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Bellarocca Food: Disappointing

          For a five-star resort, one expects the food to be at par with similar high-end hotels anywhere in the world.  It is with such high expectations that [..]

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Bellarocca: Our Private Hideaway

          From the time we docked in the port here in Bellarocca Island, we were imagining what our room would be like.  Unfortunately, we cannot afford the casas [..]

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Bellarocca Island Resort: A Beautiful Rock

          A couple-friend recently celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary and hied off to the Santorini-inspired island of Bellarocca, in the southwest coast of the main island of Marinduque.  [..]

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MORE Colors at Ati-atihan 2012

.         This is my last photo-blog about the 2012 Ati-atihan.  I will be back next year … to experience once again the vibrant and [..]

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The Colors of Ati-atihan 2012

             The Ati-atihan in Kalibo, Aklan may not be as visually captivating compared to other street parades in the Philippines like the MassKara Festival of Bacolod, the [..]

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Street Scenes in the 2012 Ati-atihan

           It is only in Kalibo, Aklan where is it MORE FUN to join the street parade.             You have to be sport about it when [..]

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Faces of Ati-atihan 2011

  .          You have to admire the painstaking work that goes to every costume and make-up of the participants in the Ati-atihan parade.  The basic soot black paint [..]

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Street Vendors of Ati-atihan 2012

    .         Aside from the revelers (domestic & foreign tourists), much of the Ati-atihan is also about commerce. That is the major critisism hurled against the Kalibo [..]

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