Christmas Lunch at Cyma in Boracay


.        We always eat in Cyma Restaurant in Boracay every time we visit Boracay.  We have also tried their branch in Shangrila Mall in Mandaluyong several times in the past.  But hands down, food in Cyma Boracay (the original) tastes much better. Maybe it’s because they use fresher ingredients or it’s just that the chef in Boracay is better.



.        For Christmas day, we made prior reservation (one month ahead!) to have lunch there.  We were surprised that when we got there before 11:30 am (our reservation time), there were only two other diners in Cyma. And we thought we would have a hard time getting a table that’s why we reserved way ahead of time.




.        For starters, we ordered Saganaki (Flaming Cheese), Cyma Style with the signature cheer of “Opa!” when they light up the dish before serving.  Perfect!



.      Then we had to have Cyma’s Gourmet Steak Hummous – tender beef, chickpea beans, tahini and garlic made into perfect dip to go with the warm pita bread. Perfect!



.        We ordered Cyma’s Chopped Salad, expecting the same salad we had previously – mixed greens (lettuce), with spinach, arugula, toasted walnuts, sliced pears, sundried tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, grated parmesan with traditional Greek vinaigrette dressing.  But they ran out of arugula and scrimped on the sundried tomatoes so the salad came out just so-so.  The dressing even drenched the limp greens.  Unperfect!



.      What’s more Greek than Moussaka?  So we definitely had to order one.  Unfortunately, it was still in the oven cooking.  We were willing to wait, but we were told it wouldn’t be ready anytime soon. So goodbye Moussaka!  Instead, we settled with another Greek staple food – Chicken Gyros, chicken with onions, tomatoes and Tzatsiki rolled in a pita bread served with Cyma’s unique seasoning. Perfect!



.       For our carbs, we got an order of  Mussels Angel Hair Pasta – pasta with a very light sauce of white wine, lemon, parsley, grated parmesan cheese and garlic butter. Perfect!


.       Except for the salad, it was an exceptional lunch perfect for a rainy Christmas day in Boracay. Burp!




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