Boracay Sand Sculptures



.        Anyone who has been to Boracay would definitely have at least one snapshot in the the beach with the sand sculpture in the background.  It is typically a sand castle and engraved in sand is “Boracay”  including  the date as well.  At night, they even place gas lamps to light up the sand sculptures – it’s a beautiful scene when one strolls down the beach.




.        But this Christmas was a little different.  You can only occasionally find the sand sculptures in the beach, that is, if you are lucky.  Because in a few minutes the roving beach patrol police comes in and “demolishes” the sand sculptures.  Why the sudden aversion to this Boracay staple?  Is it because people are making money out of these – and the government gets nothing from them (by way of taxes)? Definitely they are not eyesores, so I don’t think it has to do with aesthetics of the beach scene.  I posted this observation in one local travel on-line forum and one poster had this to say: “Bawal na po kasi (ang mga sand castles) kasi daw based sa studies nakakasira daw ng beach ang paghukay nang malalim at pag-gawa ng sand castles … nakaka-cause daw ng erosion. Bago kasi pinagbawal nun, halos buong Boracay may mga sand castles.”




.        Fortunately, down Station One, we chanced upon several people still making those sand sculptures.  They are not as elaborate in design but still, they make good for photo-ops in the beach!




.        And so what if there’s no snow in Boracay … that didn’t stop them from making a snowman!  Technically, it’s a sandman in the form of a snowman.  That’s Filipino ingenuity for you!



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