Guess Who Was At The Ati-atihan 2012?


.         You know when election time is near in the Philippines … politicians of every color become extremely visible in public events like the recent Ati-atihan in Kalibo, Aklan!


.         The street dancing was momentarily interrupted last Jan 14, 2012 when a long convoy of government issued cars swooped down in the plaza where thongs of people were enjoying the morning street party.  First it was the a sleek silver pick-up with “MAYOR” emblazoned in it’s car plate (preceded of course by a platoon of motorcycle riding policemen ablaze with wang-wags).  Coming close by is an ordinary-looking van with the 2nd highest elected official of the country sitting inside and waving enthusiastically to the crowds in the street.


.         I had my one-second brush with fame when I was in the plaza taking videos with my mini-videocam (with my trusty DSLR with telephoto lens hanging by my neck) when Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay passed by, shook my hand and motioned for me to stand by his side to have our picture taken.  He wanted our photo taken using my DSLR and I had to explain to him that it had a long lens attached to it which was not suitable for portrait shots.  Thats when he instructed his aide to use the small camera I was using (videocam)  to take our picture – and when the aide hit the button, the video recording stopped. So much for my one-second encounter with fame.



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