Street Vendors of Ati-atihan 2012


The all-too-familiar headgear ... Hala Bira!


.         Aside from the revelers (domestic & foreign tourists), much of the Ati-atihan is also about commerce. That is the major critisism hurled against the Kalibo Ati-atihan. It has become too commercialized for comfort … HUGE banners of telecommunication companies in the plaza dwarf the Sto. Nino’s home in the Kalibo Cathedral. Every group that participates in the parade have banners announcing to all they they are sponsored by this and that company.  Cola companies compete for your attention.


.         Well, that only goes to show how popular the Ati-atihan is.

Even the "Angry Birds" were there at the Plaza!

.          So popular in fact, that ambulant vendors competde for space in the small plaza to make a small fortune while the parade moves in and around the plaza in front of the Kalibo Cathedral. They are a mix match of street vendors plying their wares …

Mais vendor .. muching a cob of corn while marching the streets of Kalibo.

Bestseller of them all - ICE COLD drinks!

A big hit among the kids - balloons and bubble guns.

Foreign tourists go gaga over these feathered head-dresses.

 .          And what do you think is the “best” product (not necessarily in terms of sales) on sale in the street?  Would you believe, the statues of the Sto. Nino? Complete with costume change! How more Pinoy can that be?

Hala Bira!



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