Street Scenes in the 2012 Ati-atihan


         It is only in Kalibo, Aklan where is it MORE FUN to join the street parade.

A little boy joins the parade in full costume.


          You have to be sport about it when a stranger approaches you and smears your face with black soot.  It is some sort of warm welcome, albeit a “dirty” one.  Try to wash off that grime from your face and you will know.  This “minor” inconvenience aside, you must be a grouch NOT to enjoy the street scenes in this year’s Ati-atihan.  Look to your right, to your left, up and even down – and you will find something interesting!


A little girl lost?

Text-text lang bai!

Ronald McDonald???


          At the end of the day (and of the parade), what matters most is the outpouring of devotion to the Child Jesus.  Viva! Viva Senor Sto. Nino!



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