Bellarocca Island Resort: A Beautiful Rock

          A couple-friend recently celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary and hied off to the Santorini-inspired island of Bellarocca, in the southwest coast of the main island of Marinduque.  Viewing the photos they shared in their Facebook page made me realize that I still have not blogged about this “beautiful rock” (the english translation of Bellarocca)!

          For the affluent guests, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa can be reached by helicopter or small private plane direct from Manila.  But for mere mortals like us, we had to take the  40 minute early morning Zest Air flight from the Old Domestic Airport to Marinduque Airport (located in between Boac, the capital, and the town of Gasac).  We then transferred to a van for another 40 minute drive across the mainland to reach town of Buenavista, the jumpoff point going to the island.  It was a mere 5 minute boat ride … and we were instantly transported to Santorini in Greece!

          Disembarking on the island, we were greeted by local kids garbed in native costumes, singing and dancing to some local folk songs.  Attentive waiters handed us fresh ice-cold dalandan juice – to cool us off after that long tiring trip from Manila.

          After filling-up the required information sheets, we were herded off into our own electric-powered golf-cart to bring us to the main resort area.  We passed by some gorgeous views of the villas and the surrounding areas as well.

          After the cordial greetings, a butler showed us to our room (more on that in the next photo-blog) in the main building.  Inside the room were our luggage, neatly placed in their proper places!  When we arrived in the airport, they collected our luggage tags and took care of everything for us.  How neat is that? And we were rewarded with this view from our room:

          Welcome to Bellarocca Island Resort!  This is our own private island for the next three days …

          If this is just a dream … please do not wake me up! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …




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3 responses to Bellarocca Island Resort: A Beautiful Rock

  1. helen membrano

    ang ganda pala dito Rics…maganda talaga ang pina… pati pose mo hindi kapa rin kumukupas…

  2. I saw the rates on their website…nalula ako sa mahal lalo na’t dollar ang rate. But seeing your post, it seems like it’s all worth it.

  3. Administrator

    Watch out for the special offers … they sometimes slash off 50% during off-peak season.

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