Bellarocca Food: Disappointing

          For a five-star resort, one expects the food to be at par with similar high-end hotels anywhere in the world.  It is with such high expectations that we came to Bellarocca.  And for good reason.  We paid a premium and we expect to be fed with food worthy of the price we paid.

          Unfortunately, we were in for a BIG disappointment.  I would still be quite generous and rate the food as passable (a notch higher than “edible”).  It may be the cook’s off day of cooking, or the ingredients were lacking, but for whatever reason, the meals were all the same all throughout the time we were there.  Just plain passable.

Look at the color of the orange juice!

No steam from the coffee!

          At brealfast time, we were served powdered orange juice for christsake!  And when I asked for a cup of freshly brewed coffee – a got a teppid cup instead!

At least they have fresh strawberries … my wife’s favorite.

          In fairness to Bellarocca’s kitchen crew, their dessert spread was consistently great the whole time we were there.  It makes me suspect that they hired a pastry chef to man their kitchen.  But if they want to attract more tourists, especially the returning ones, they have to hire a more adept chef to come up with real good food, food that is worth the price Bellarocca demands.

          So, you ask me now, how was the food in Bellarocca?  I tell you – the place is fantastic! If only you can eat ambiance.

Waiting for dinner to be served




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