Bellarocca: Fun Under the Sun

          When friends ask us if it is fun going to Bellarocca despite (inspite?) of the prohibitive price package, my answer is simple.  What are you looking for in a vacation?

          If your idea of a great vacation is having a private place all to yourselves (your significant other) and snuggling with a good book to read or just plain lazily looking out the sea, then Bellarocca may be the place for you.

          But if your idea of a great vacation is swimming in the beach, or snorkeling, then Bellarocca is NOT the place for you.  Although the resort-island has a small beachfront area you can call a decent beach.  But it is a fine coral beach, so it isn’t exactly friendly to your bare feet.  I wouldn’t even recommend it for kids as they can easily scratch their knees if they trip and fall.  Ouch!

          The resort offers complimentary use of some of the water sport equipment, but we didn’t try any of them.  The jetski, I think, rents out for P2,500 for a 30-minute use (yes, it is true that everything in Bellarocca is expensive).

          The resort, however, boasts of several swimming pools open for the the guests to use.  Aside from that, the cabanas and the villas have their own private swimming pools.  We had to contend with the pools open to all the other guests.  And despite the fact that there were about 50 guests at the time we were there, we always had the pools all to ourselves! Talk about privacy.

          And if you are a nature buff, then Bellarocca’s foot trails will interest you.  This is, after all, an island with magnificent seaside cliffs and lush greenery.  They have a small meditation area atop of the hill where you may want to recharge spiritually.  Or you may want to ride your personal electric golf cart and leisurely roam around the island.  As for us, we availed of the complimentary 15-minute head massage, which was actually “bitin” but we didn’t dare ask how much a full hour of body massage will cost us!

          Whatever it is you want to do in Bellarocca, it is best shared with someone you love. That makes Bellarocca more enchanting.  A hundred percent more enchanting.  That is why this place is highly recommended for honeymooners and couples who just want to have quality time with each other.





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