The Town Outside Bellarocca

          The resort  offered us a half-day complimentary tour of the town of Boac in mainland Marinduque, so we took the offer and spent a good part of the afternoon going around the capital town of Boac.  Big mistake.

          Marinduque is famous for the Moriones Festival held every holy week.  So if you happen to be vacationing in Bellarocca during that time, it would be worth spending half your day away from the expensive island and experience what the Moriones Festival is all about.  But NOT during the regular season.

          It takes an hour from the island to get to the town proper of Boac and it takes another hour to get back.  You spend two to three hours “touring” the town and all you get to see is the alikabok-infested museum that used to be a library-turned-municipal trial court.  And there isn’t much to see – my wife nearly had a severe allergy attack with all the dust in the museum so we didn’t stay that long to really appreciate the artifacts stored there.

          Next stop was the Boac Cathedral, Gothic in design and built in 1666 dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Biglang-awa (Immediate Succor).  It’s claim to fame is that this is where the Katipunan flag was allegedly baptized (I didn’t know flags were baptized!).  But the structure itself is worth admiring.

          We then headed to a souvenir shop selling Moriones masks and other Marinduque goodies like the uraro.  Again, we didn’t find anything interesting to buy there.


          So in retrospect, we felt that the time we spent touring the town of Boac could have been better spent in Bellarocca soaking under the sun.  We would suggest though that the Boac Cathedral be a side-trip from the airport heading to Bellarocca Island during the arrival from Manila, although it’s on the opposite direction.  That way, you don’t get short-changed by spending half a day away from paradise called Bellarocca.




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