Majestic, Mysterious Mayon

.          How possible is it that when you visit Legaspi City in Albay, you will not be able to see Bulkang Magayon (Bikol for “Beautiful Volcano”)?  In our four day visit in Bicol Region (Albay and Sorsogon only), Mayon Volcano was like a “dalagang Pilipina”, coy and shy at the same time – refusing to show her full glory to us.



.         Fortunately for us, on our last day in Legaspi City, on our way back to Manila, the weather finally improved.  At the airport, clouds slowly moved away to reveal partially Mayon’s near-perfect cone.  And then, we finally saw the full view of Mayon Volcano as we flew past it, 20,000 feet above sea level!



.         For first time visitors who fly in to Legaspi City, be sure to request a window seat (Seat A) when traveling into the city as this will afford you a grand view of Mayon Volcano as the plane approaches the airport.  And when flying out of Legaspi City, request the window seat on the opposite side (Seat F), preferably in the front or at the back of the plane (not in the middle part as the wings will obstruct your view).  And pray for good weather as well.  We were completely rained out during our entire stay in Albay!  But that did not stop us from enjoying our trip. More on that in the next few blogs.




.         Thank you Mount Mayon for showing us your beauty!  We will be back soon … until we meet again.





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