Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island: Paradise?

.          Misibis Bay has been in our bucket list ever since we read about it in a travel magazine a couple of years ago.  And after our wonderful stay in Bellarocca last year – we wanted to compare the two high-end resorts and see which one is actually better.

.          Misibis Bay is located in the southern tip of Cagraray Island, part of the town of Bacacay in the estern part of Albay Province. The five-hectare resort boasts of exclusivity – you cannot drive yourself to the resort for a look and see.  Only paying guests are allowed to enter the resort.  And no walk-in guests either – you have to have a reservation way ahead of time. Snobbish? Extremely.

.         We were fetched from our hotel in Legaspi City and the drive was pleasant, although the rains that started the day we arrived, still continued unabated.  We were beginning to doubt if we would enjoy our stay in Misibis Bay, given the weather conditions.  The one hour drive was interrupted by a 10-minute barge ride from the mainland of Albay crossing to Bagcacay Island.

.          We were welcomed by a pair of native performers dancing to beat of an indigenous music and we were led to the lobby where we were briefed regarding the rules of the resort.  We were also made to sign a waiver form just in case an accident happens to us while in the resort.

The small lobby, detached from the main resort

.         And then we explored the resort before we found our own “private” corner in one of the many swimming pools available.  So this is Misibis Bay.

.         So how was Misibis Bay? Let me show you …

Lounge chairs IN the infinity pool



The other private pool in the cluster of villas


Pool Bar ... cool!


Perfect to lounge around ... just don't mind the price tag!


Location map of the resort


.          I will reserve my evaluation on Misibis Bay until my last blog, including the resort’s facilities (recreational and rooms) and the food, of course.  More to come …



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