Misibis Bay Eco-Park

          There is more to Misibis Bay than the beach and the swimming pools.  Part of the Misibis Bay Complex is the Misibis Bay Eco-Park, located just adjacent to the beach-side property, outside it’s perimeter fence.  But this one is perched on top of the hill – with a commanding view of the Cagraray Island and the nearby Albay province and Mayon Volcano.

Our mode of transportation - electric golf cart

One of the pit-stops of "The Amazing Race Asia"


          One would need to hire the motorized golf cart to bring you around.  Our first stop, just a few meters from the entrance of the park, was the ampitheater.  Imagine the Stonehedge transported in a Greek Ampitheater and placed on a hilltop with the Mayon Volcano as a backdrop.  That’s exactly what this place is.


I guess the end of the zip line is at the foot of the hill.

          Our second stop was the ZIP line.  Since it was raining hard the whole day, we didn’t want to try it and get wet all over again.  So we passed up on that.


The big white board behind the altar got me curious.

Beautiful capiz shell chandelier

          And set on top of the hill is the chapel.  It appears half-finished – as only half of the structure (the front part) has glass walls and painted while the other half is just a shell of what could have been a beautiful church had it been completed.   I also have this impression that they placed the main altar at the original entrance of the chapel, meaning the back part became the front part.  Our guide-cum-golf cart driver said that a celebrity couple got hitched here last year – and it was a grandiose event.  I bet.

A monkey left out in the rain in the Eco-park.


          The short tour left me wondering why they called this place an Eco-Park. Anyone knows?

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