Happy Birthday ACC Coffee & Crêpe!

Located at Pavia Street in Roxas City, Capiz

.          It used to be that when we were craving for real good crepes in Roxas City, we had to drive all the way to Boracay, or fly to Manila.  Two options that can be quite expensive just to fill our need for crepes and to satisfy our palates.  And then  ACC Coffee & Crepe opened last year – it was crepe heaven for us!

Open on Easter Sunday to celebrate a special event.

Buffet spread: ACC's Signature spaghetti with meat balls, Fish fillet with tartar sauce, Baby Back Ribs, Egg & Potato Salad, Chicken Alexander, Rellenong Bangus.

.          Time surely flies fast. Today, April 8, 2012,  ACC Coffee & Crepe turned ONE year old.  And to help celebrate the event, they opened their doors for the first time ever on a Sunday (they are open Monday to Saturdays only) and threw an eat-and-drink-all-you-can lunch buffet with overflowing coffee to boot.  They also had a pair of acoustic singers to lull us to food and coffee nirvana!

Waiting for the buffet table to open ... listening to live acoustic music

Ham, corn and asparagus soup.

My plate ... first round.

Free overflowing freshly brewed coffee ... mine was decaf, as usual.

.          They even held a raffle … from a big glass jar, you pick one gaily colored easter egg with candy mints inside and if you are lucky (I was!), you bring home a souvenir coffee mug!  I wish I could bring this mug every time I go visit the place and get a FREE coffee refill. *wink*

Easter Egg raffle time ... where's the Easter Bunny?

I won a mug!

As expected, Rica did not win anything!

Will I get a FREE coffee refill every time I bring this silver coffee mug to ACC Coffee & Crepe?


.         Cheers! Here’s to more years of serving real good coffee and crepes (in Roxas City and beyond … like Iloilo City perhaps?). Burp!

With the princess of ACC ... Toni, Pip's unica hija.

The man behind the success of ACC Coffee and Crepe, Dr. Victor Federico "Pip" Acepcion. Full-time barista, part-time Urologist?



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