The Evolution of the Roxas City Fountain

The Roxas City Fountain circa 1930s

.           I think the Roxas City Fountain deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – as the fountain with the most number of major renovations in a span of five years.  It has changed shape and form from November 2008 until this month of April 2012.

The Roxas City Fountain pre-2008

The Roxas City Fountain pre-2008, details show the fishes spouting water.

. The fountain stands in the rotunda fronting the Roxas City Cathedral – a landmark that has been there since I first arrived here in 1992.  I do not know when it was constructed, but it has remained the same until last November 2008 when they unveiled the “new” fountain with four kneeling men in the center.  It drew raves as well as criticisms, and it has polarized Roxas City.

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2008

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2008, with the details showing the original central column now covered.

.          Then a new administration was elected in 2010 … and they decided to renovate the fountain (again!) and attempted to restore it to its’ “original” beauty.  I was one of the many who applauded this project and wrote about it too.  It wasn’t exactly like the original, but it was close to it.

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2011 (unfortunately, I do not have a photo taken at night)

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2011, with the details.

.          And then sometime this year, the fountain was again fenced off and covered with a blue cloth and some work was started.  I asked around but I did not get concrete answers on what the renovation is all about but I did read that they will make it into a “dancing” fountain.  Last April 13, 2012, they finally unveiled the “geyser fountain” – reports said that a dancing fountain cannot be made with a “small” base, despite the fact that they actually enlarged the base to include the pocket garden that used to surround it.

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2012, with the details.

The Roxas City Fountain circa 2012, with the details - neon colored lights.

.          Again, as in the previous renovation of the fountain, this version has attracted both praises and criticisms.  Only time (and a new administration perhaps?) will tell if this version will last until the next election.  THREE make-overs in FIVE years?  Definitely a Guinness World record!





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4 responses to The Evolution of the Roxas City Fountain

  1. Al

    it’s nice you have made a blog about our fountain.. all i know is that it has been renovated many times and spent millions for it.. never thought it all happened within 5 years.. the new design is quite catchy… but one can only appreciate it by night.. i hope the city can maintain its’ beauty though..

  2. Administrator

    I really hope they maintain and keep the fountain this way. Too much money spent already that could have been used for other projects.

  3. Albert Kent Banico

    excellent pictures, can you give me a link, about old pictures of our cathedral?

  4. Administrator

    Hi Albert! Sorry, I do not have links to sites with pictures of the old cathedral. If you happen to find the book “Angels in Stone: Architecture of Augustinian Churches in the Philippines” by Fr. Pedro Galande (pub 1996), there are several old picture of the Roxas City Cathedral there.

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