The Health Centrum: Center of Wellness in Capiz

.          It took more than eight years from the initial plan before this project was finally completed.  And once fully operational, it will provide QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and WORLD-CLASS health services to the people of Capiz and the neighboring provinces and towns in the Northern Panay area.

.          This is The Health Centrum (THC).

Location Map

The Health Centrum COMPLEX

.          The Health Centrum is a wellness center/hospital located in a 6 hectare property in Banica, Roxas City.  It is the centerpiece of the Health Centrum Complex and is a 100-bed capacity Level Four (4) tertiary hospital offering all services of all medical specialties with up-to-date medical equipment to compliment their medical staff.  Once the complex is completed, it will also include a retirement village, hotel & commercial areas and a spa.  It will live up to its’ image as the “Center of Wellness” of Northern Panay Island.

.          It was recently inaugurated during the festivities of the Capiztahan 2012, but the hospital will be open to the public anytime this coming May 2012.

Wide hallway leading to the private rooms

Room 203, a typical private room

Private en-suite bathroom

.         The Health Centrum, the new place to get well in Roxas City.





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