Spanggo Cafe’s Apple & Buko Pie: Double Yummy

.         Every morning on my way to work, I noticed the on-going construction work in one of the commercial stalls along Rizal Street here in Roxas City, Capiz since last month.  A signage was put up a few weeks ago – “Spanggo” and during the good friday religious procession, I met Mrs. Jas Dadivas who informed me that the Spanggo Cafe will be opening soon.  She was the one who told me that Spanggo was for “Spanish-Ilonggo” – and I suspected that they will be offering some spanish dish with an Ilonggo twist. Great. Another possible good eat in Roxas City.

.          And then a few days ago, someone posted a picture of Spanggo’s Buko Pie in the Capiznon’s FaceBook page.  Everyone was saying how good the pie was.  That got me interested.  I thought that Spanggo’s Cafe was finally open.  So one day, I passed by the same street and saw that it was not yet operational.  So in the meantime, they just accept phone in orders. Great.

.          But the problem was, I could not make up my mind which pie to order – the buko pie or the apple pie, both goodies getting raves from the blogsphere. So I settled with BOTH.

.          And I was glad I got both.

.         The buko pie lived up to it’s reputation.  It was gooey goodness without being too sweet.  The crust was just perfect.  We ate the buko pie fresh from the oven so it was still warm and the buko filling literally fell off our plate.  It would probably taste much better when left in the refrigerator for the filling to gel a little bit.  That I would find out later.

.          And the apple pie?  It was a winner!  This one, unlike the buko pie, is best eaten fresh from the oven, the warm goodness coyly melting in your mouth.  It actually reminded me of Sugarhouse’s apple pie – minus the cream.  Now, I know where to get an apple pie when I crave for one.

.          So watch out for the opening of Spanggo’s Cafe and order both the buko and apple pie.  If you can’t wait, you can always call and order.  It would be ready for pick-up after two hours. Yummy!



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