Dr. Sateesh Karnik

A very young and dashing Dr. Sateesh Karnik with his German Shepherd dog.


.          Our return trip to India this month (we went to Northern India last June 2011) was made more memorable because of our gracious hosts, Dr. Sateesh Karnik and his wonderful wife, Madhuri.  We felt right at home with them – pampered would be a mild term to describe how they treated us during our entire stay in Maharashtra (Pune, Aurangabad and Mumbai).

Dr. Sateesh Karnik with his ever-loyal mixed-breed 12 year old dog, Baloo.


.          Sateesh is a friend way back in 1995 when we shared the same room during our postgraduate training program in Tel Aviv, Israel (I was in Trauma Surgery, while he was in Laparosopic Surgery).  We maintained contact through the years via email (thank god for emails!) – and shared photos as well.

Taken in front of their home in Pune, India.


Sateesh, Urszula, Ricky and Avinash: 16 years after


.         This month, we had the opportunity to reunite with other friends and colleagues from the same training program in Israel – Dr. Urszula Stawinska (Pediatric with Family Medicine Practice) of Lodz, Poland and Dr. Avinash Deshmukh (ENT specialist) also from Pune in India.  Let these photos show you how we bonded …

Baloo poses with us after a great dinner prepared by Sateesh' wife Madhuri.

While waiting at the lobby of our Aurangabad hotel.

At the Ellora Caves - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

That's my favorite gulab gamun in Madhuri's hand!


.          We hope to meet up again in a couple of years in Turkey.  And we hope that more from our batch would be there to celebrate the great and memorable time we had in Tel Aviv. To Sateesh, Toda Raba!

Some serious talks with his Pune colleagues.

Until we meet again, Baloo!




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