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The Health Centrum: Center of Wellness in Capiz

.          It took more than eight years from the initial plan before this project was finally completed.  And once fully operational, it will provide [..]

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The Evolution of the Roxas City Fountain

.           I think the Roxas City Fountain deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – as the fountain with the most [..]

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RSO: Summer Immersion Through the Years

          When I was invited by Dr. Jose “JoGon” Gonzales, now the feisty Director of the Philippine General Hospital,  to be part of the UP College of Medicine [..]

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Baroto Race 2012: Race to Finish

          Last Sunday, on my way home, I passed by the century-old Capiz bridge that spans across the Panay River.  It was the last day of Capiztahan 2012, [..]

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The Electric Parade of Capiztahan 2012

.          It may not be close to the real Disney’s Electric Parade, but this year’s Capiztahan’s Electric Parade lived up to the hype and [..]

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Capiztahan 2012: Fireworks Display

.          Capiztahan was coined from Capiz and Pista (Fiesta) – a merriment of sort. It marks the Foundation Day of the province of Capiz [..]

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Happy Birthday ACC Coffee & Crêpe!

.          It used to be that when we were craving for real good crepes in Roxas City, we had to drive all the way [..]

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Snorkeling in Misibis Bay

          Misibis Bay lists snorkeling as one of the fun water activities one can enjoy while  in their exclusive resort.  After all, Cagraray Island is surrounded by the [..]

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Misibis Bay Eco-Park

          There is more to Misibis Bay than the beach and the swimming pools.  Part of the Misibis Bay Complex is the Misibis Bay Eco-Park, located just adjacent [..]

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The Crucifixion: An Ignacio-Alajar Family Tradition

             Family traditions run deep among Filipinos.  For the Ignacio-Alajar family of Roxas City (Capiz), it has been for more than six decades that they have faithfully participated [..]

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