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Candi Arjuna: Oldest Stone Structure in Java

            After being “crowded” out in Borobudur, we left the temple complex at around 8:00 AM  and headed eastward to Wonosobo to get to the Dieng Plateau [..]

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Early Morning at Borobudur Temple

          We left our hotel in Yogyakarta City at 5:00am hoping to catch the sunrise in Borobudur Temple.  But sunrise came too early that day and we saw [..]

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Sunset at Prambanan Temple

          I do not remember now where our fixation with ancient temples came from, or when it all began. But after seeing the intricate Angkor Wat in Seam Reap, and [..]

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Capiz Emmanuel Hospital: Old Photographs

         With the opening of The Health Centrum (THC) next month, we look back at the FIRST hospital established in Capiz – the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (CEH) which [..]

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The Health Centrum: Center of Wellness in Capiz

.          It took more than eight years from the initial plan before this project was finally completed.  And once fully operational, it will provide [..]

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The Evolution of the Roxas City Fountain

.           I think the Roxas City Fountain deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – as the fountain with the most [..]

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Misibis Bay Eco-Park

          There is more to Misibis Bay than the beach and the swimming pools.  Part of the Misibis Bay Complex is the Misibis Bay Eco-Park, located just adjacent [..]

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Αντίο Bellarocca!

             I first read about Bellarocca Island Resort in a feature article in Mabuhay Magazine, the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines.  Since then, my wife and I were dreaming of [..]

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The Town Outside Bellarocca

          The resort  offered us a half-day complimentary tour of the town of Boac in mainland Marinduque, so we took the offer and spent a good part of the [..]

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Bellarocca: Our Private Hideaway

          From the time we docked in the port here in Bellarocca Island, we were imagining what our room would be like.  Unfortunately, we cannot afford the casas [..]

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