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Ayagao Beach in Roxas City

.          When you say “beach” in Roxas City, you inadvertently mean Baybay – the strip of fine grey sand beach in the heart of [..]

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Fresh Catch of the Day in Roxas City

          How more fresh than freshest can these fish be?           We were lazily lounging in Olutayan beach when a small motorized fishing boat approached the shore and brought out [..]

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Capiztahan 2012: Fireworks Display

.          Capiztahan was coined from Capiz and Pista (Fiesta) – a merriment of sort. It marks the Foundation Day of the province of Capiz [..]

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Snorkeling in Misibis Bay

          Misibis Bay lists snorkeling as one of the fun water activities one can enjoy while  in their exclusive resort.  After all, Cagraray Island is surrounded by the [..]

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Misibis Bay Beachfront

                When you hear that Misibis Bay in located in an island off the main Albay province (facing the Albay Gulf), you conjure pictures of [..]

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Αντίο Bellarocca!

             I first read about Bellarocca Island Resort in a feature article in Mabuhay Magazine, the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines.  Since then, my wife and I were dreaming of [..]

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Bellarocca: Fun Under the Sun

          When friends ask us if it is fun going to Bellarocca despite (inspite?) of the prohibitive price package, my answer is simple.  What are you looking for in [..]

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Bellarocca Island Resort: A Beautiful Rock

          A couple-friend recently celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary and hied off to the Santorini-inspired island of Bellarocca, in the southwest coast of the main island of Marinduque.  [..]

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Boracay Beach Hat Vendors

  .      Strolling down Boracay beach, one encounters all sorts of vendors … mostly the muslim pearl vendors and those selling fake designer sun glasses.  But [..]

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Boracay Sand Sculptures

    .        Anyone who has been to Boracay would definitely have at least one snapshot in the the beach with the sand sculpture in [..]

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