Biri Under The Rain



       A few days before our scheduled trip to Catarman in Northern Samar,  Eastern Visayas was inundated with monsoon rains causing flooding in several areas in Leyte, particularly in Tacloban.  We were not sure if our trip will push through.  But two days before our scheduled flight, the sky miraculously cleared up and the sun was shinning brightly! 



       But that temporary respite from rain afforded us only one clear & sunny day in Biri Island … unknown to all of us that there was a brewing low pressure area somewhere in Mindanao.  And it was also affecting the Eastern Visayas Region.  So on our first night in Biri, the rains came pouring in!



       Everyone in our group anticipated a great sunrise photoshoot back at the Rock Formation. So we woke up at 4:00 AM to get to the site to set-up our photo gears in time for the break of day.  But the eager anticipation slowly turned into uncertainty when the rains came and literally drenched us to the bones.


Photo by Gerry Ruiz of


       But being true professionals, our photographer-friends refused to abandon the photoshoot and still made good of what the gloomy weather afforded us.  With rain gear and all, we went our merry way shooting under the rain.


Photo by Gerry Ruiz of



       Because of the torrential rain, we got to see the beauty of the rock formations from a different view.  We may not have captured the colorful sunrise in Biri Island … but we could always return here and do it all over again.




       And as the great General Douglas MacArthur once said, “I shall return.”  Indeed, Biri Island, we shall.  We will be back.


Photo by Gerry Ruiz of




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