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Fresh Catch of the Day in Roxas City

          How more fresh than freshest can these fish be?           We were lazily lounging in Olutayan beach when a small motorized fishing boat approached the shore and brought out [..]

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Bellarocca: Fun Under the Sun

          When friends ask us if it is fun going to Bellarocca despite (inspite?) of the prohibitive price package, my answer is simple.  What are you looking for in [..]

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Boracay Sand Sculptures

    .        Anyone who has been to Boracay would definitely have at least one snapshot in the the beach with the sand sculpture in [..]

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Wet, Wet Christmas in Boracay

  .       It’s our third time to celebrate Christmas in Boracay Island.  The first time was in 2004, the year when my whole family of [..]

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Pulau Payar: Langkawi’s Marine Sanctuary

    .      A “marine sanctuary”, or more properly called “Marine Protected Areas”, are regions in which human activity has been placed under some restrictions in [..]

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Baybay Beach in Roxas City

What I like most about my adopted city is that when I want to relax and unwind after a difficult day, I just drive five minutes from home, [..]

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