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Ayagao Beach in Roxas City

.          When you say “beach” in Roxas City, you inadvertently mean Baybay – the strip of fine grey sand beach in the heart of [..]

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Dried Fish of Banica

            Roxas City is not only known for the fresh sea foods, but also for the dried variety – tuyo, pinakas, dried pusit, boneless dilis, hibi, etc.  [..]

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Spanggo Cafe’s Apple & Buko Pie: Double Yummy

.         Every morning on my way to work, I noticed the on-going construction work in one of the commercial stalls along Rizal Street here [..]

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Fresh Catch of the Day in Roxas City

          How more fresh than freshest can these fish be?           We were lazily lounging in Olutayan beach when a small motorized fishing boat approached the shore and brought out [..]

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Capiz Emmanuel Hospital: Old Photographs

         With the opening of The Health Centrum (THC) next month, we look back at the FIRST hospital established in Capiz – the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (CEH) which [..]

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The Health Centrum: Center of Wellness in Capiz

.          It took more than eight years from the initial plan before this project was finally completed.  And once fully operational, it will provide [..]

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RSO: Summer Immersion Through the Years

          When I was invited by Dr. Jose “JoGon” Gonzales, now the feisty Director of the Philippine General Hospital,  to be part of the UP College of Medicine [..]

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Baroto Race 2012: Race to Finish

          Last Sunday, on my way home, I passed by the century-old Capiz bridge that spans across the Panay River.  It was the last day of Capiztahan 2012, [..]

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Capiztahan 2012: Fireworks Display

.          Capiztahan was coined from Capiz and Pista (Fiesta) – a merriment of sort. It marks the Foundation Day of the province of Capiz [..]

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Happy Birthday ACC Coffee & Crêpe!

.          It used to be that when we were craving for real good crepes in Roxas City, we had to drive all the way [..]

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