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MassKara 2010: The Non-smiling Masks

       The MassKara Festival is suppose to display the smiling faces of the people of Bacolod despite the hard times they underwent with the subsequent decline of the sugar [..]

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The Happy Faces of MassKara 2010

      These are people behind the masks …            Behind all those colorful and elaborately designed masks are the young people of Negros Occidental (usually, high [..]

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The Masks of MassKara 2010

       Since we were in Bacolod only for a few hours, we were not able to visit the MassKara Village 2010 at the Robinson’s Place Bacolod to [..]

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MassKara 2010: A Burst of Colors

     It was a blend of revelry, fun and a burst of colors – the MassKara 2010!  Despite witnessing only ONE day (in the 20-day extended fiesta) … [..]

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Manokan Country: Bacolod’s Finest

     A few weeks ago, we were planning to attend this year’s MassKara Festival in Bacolod … unfortunately, ALL hotels were FULLY-BOOKED for the MassKara week-end.  So we ended up [..]

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